10 Comics That Nail Parenting During the Holidays

Between school activities and trying to be the perfect Pinterest Parent, the holidays can be stressful for everyone. Unwind with these comics that skip the shiny pretense and highlight the realities of parenting during the holiday season.

Expectations vs. reality.

 The Science of Parenthood

Don’t forget: most holiday activities will not be Instagram-worthy.

Heder Humor

When you try to cram too many fun family activities into one day.

Fowl Language Comics

Get those plastic decorations ready!

Hurrah for Gin

So many days …

 Fowl Language Comics

Trying to keep the magic alive after the toddler years…

Unearthed Comics

The holidays are stressful. Treat yourself!

Heder Humor

 Pro-tip: holiday dinners are actually the same as all other dinners.

The Science of Parenthood

The art of finding the perfect box …

 The Oatmeal

The annual post-holiday ritual!

Fowl Language Comics

  Happy holidays, everyone!

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