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International Babywearing Week: How to Celebrate

2021 marks the 13th year that International Babywearing Week (IBW) has been celebrated. This is an exciting milestone for those who have been babywearing since the “wild west” days as well as those who have recently discovered their love of babywearing.

What is IBW?

IBW is an annual, week-long celebration with a focus on promoting babywearing as a generally accepted practice. This year’s festivities occur from October 1-7 and groups and individuals are able to plan activities that fit their own needs. The theme this year is “Carrying Hope”. Caregivers can look back on their wearing journey to celebrate what babywearing has done for them. We can celebrate the connections and “hope” that babywearing together has brought us!  

How can you celebrate IBW?

There are IBW celebrations available online throughout the week as well as in-person options in some locations. For instance, below are some examples of just a few places to look for IBW celebrations.  

Babywearing Groups

Babywearing support groups are a great way to find in-person activities in your area. You can look for a local group on this map created by Tekhni Wovens.  (The map is constantly being updated.)  Also, for Chicagoland readers local to Contours Baby, check out Chicagoland Babywearing for future events!  


GroovaRoo teachers offer babywearing and family dance classes all over the world! Using this map, reach out to a teacher near you to see if there are any IBW week activities. Carrying On Project Banner

The Carrying On Project

The Carrying on Project (TCOP) has a mission of getting carriers into the hands of military families to help facilitate bonding. There are local groups that can be found by searching on this map. TCOP Facebook Page has a updates you can follow!


In addition to in-person festivities, a variety of online retailers, manufacturers, and public figures will celebrate through education and giveaways. I suggest searching the hashtag #IntlBabywearingweek on social media to follow along with what is happening.  

How can you learn more?

You can check out International Babywearing Week on Instagram and Facebook Page for updates!   Stephanie Hopkins is a contributing writer who is a Center for Babywearing Studies graduate. You can also follow her story at

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