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Traveling to Disney with Toddlers

The following tips and tricks can help alleviate some of the anxiety associated with planning a trip to Disney with toddlers. So, get ready to enjoy the ride!

Download the Disney App

The Disney app is a must when visiting the amusement park! You can store your tickets, make dining reservations, check the wait times for rides, and even order food on the app for pick-up. And if you decide to get the Genie+ service (which we highly recommend, especially if you have little ones and don’t want to wait in long lines) – it is only available via the app.

Bring a Change of Clothes

If you’re heading to Disney during the summer, it’s a good idea to bring an extra set of clothes with you. The parks have misting stations, waterspouts, and rides that can get you wet, and if your little one spills ice cream on themselves, they’ll be grateful for the dry clean clothes.

Your Stroller will be your Best Friend

Little legs get tired very quickly. A compact stroller is a must-have to avoid any tired kids and meltdowns. We understand the hassle of pushing a stroller around, but it’s worth it! Make sure to check Disney size requirements before arriving at Disney. We recommend the Contours Bitsy® Elite Lightweight Stroller and Contours Itsy® Lightweight Stroller. Both strollers are compactable and super lightweight with a compact fold. Don’t want to worry about bringing a stroller? No worries! You can rent a stroller at the entrance of each park.

Build in Downtime

When visiting Disney, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to constantly be on the go. We suggest starting your day early at the park and taking a midday break for lunch, a nap, or some relaxation time by the pool. This is a great way to divide your time at the park and recharge your energy levels. And once you feel recharged, you can return to the park in the evening!

Stick to your Toddler’s Schedule

If you are traveling to Disney with a toddler who still takes naps, it is best to follow their nap schedule. When it’s time for their nap, you can take a break and head back to your hotel. If you are unable to go back to your hotel, you can let your toddler nap in the stroller. It’s important to have a stroller that reclines, and the Contours Bitsy® Elite Lightweight Stroller is an excellent choice! This will help prevent over-stimulation and crankiness, ensuring that your family has an enjoyable experience.

Take Advantage of the Baby Care Centers

If you’ve gone on vacation with a baby, you’ll know that finding suitable accommodations can be difficult. However, did you know that there are Baby Care Centers in Disney? These centers provide a space for changing, nursing, feeding, and resting with your little one. You can easily find them on the park map by looking for the pacifier icon. P.S. They are also air-conditioned!

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