Our Contours Baby team is dedicated to going above industry standards when it comes to product testing.

Road Tested – 5+ Marathons

Our Contours Baby team is dedicated to going above industry standards when it comes to stroller testing. That’s why we test our strollers in real-life scenarios like going up and down curbs, driving through obstacle courses, and being pushed up and down hills, prior to putting it in the hands of your family. During the development process, we examine the stroller’s durability through everyday terrains such as puddles, dirt, potholes, and cobblestones, and put in over 131 miles of testing, or more than 5 marathons.

Impact Tested

Prior to release, every Contours stroller takes several trips around the block, and before a stroller hits the sidewalks, our team tests it with real-life weight simulations and safety measurements like dropping various weights into the stroller seats and performing other impact tests. Rest assured, your new Contours stroller can take your little one from infancy through toddlerhood with ease as they grow.

Weather Tested

Many of our products are meant to be used outdoors and on the go. That’s why we test our products against everyday weather elements before they brave the actual world. Part of this process involves placing products in freezing temperatures to ensure the parts will work properly. We get it – things get left outside and Mother Nature can play some mean tricks! That’s why our products are built to last under severe conditions.

In addition, many of our products come with UPF coverage. Sometimes a bright, sunny day means you need extra protection for your little one’s gentle skin. Contours develops multiple products with fabrics that block out harmful UV rays and keep baby happy and healthy.

Cycle Tested – 50x the Standard

The Contours team develops our baby carriers with your baby’s comfort and safety at the top of mind. Before it holds your little one, we test our carriers’ durability with weight simulation cycles to replicate real-life babywearing scenarios. We also stress-test the buckles to ensure that each of our carriers will keep parents and babies safe through multiple uses. All in all, we test our carriers a lot — 50 times more than the U.S. requirement!

Machine Washable

As parents ourselves, we know first-hand the importance of easy clean, machine-washable products…and for good reason. Spills and spit-ups often come with no warning and can create a mess. By testing our carriers with numerous wash cycles, we ensure the carriers will maintain their structure and appearance through many washes and adventures.

Parent Tested

There are many steps to creating a Contours product, but with each step we keep two key components at the forefront: the ease of use for parents and the safety and comfort for children. That’s why each Contours product is tested and reviewed by parents and children prior to being sold. We involve parents and families in the development of our products including fit testing to see how products feel in the hands of parents and kids, voting on the name for our newest products, and asking parents to test out a product at home when used in their everyday lives. If you want to sign up for our parent testing group, sign up here.

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