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Fun Indoor Activities for Toddlers

Changing temperatures can make it challenging to get outside every day with little ones, you can feel a bit stir crazy if you’re cooped up all day with your baby or toddler. Here are some fun indoor activities and games might help keep boredom at bay.

Make Homemade Playdough:

I always try to have the ingredients for a batch of homemade playdough on hand, mixing and making the playdough is just as much fun as playing with it together afterwards. Get different items from around the house like small plastic toys, measuring spoons, bowls, and cookie cutters to explore different ways of playing with the playdough. It helps keep things creative, too. One of our favorites when it’s too cold to make a real snowman is make a playdough one!

Explore Sensory Play:

Sensory play is an important part of nurturing your child’s development. There are many ways to explore your child’s senses from playing with dry beans and rice, exploring and smelling different child-friendly scents around the house, and even playing with highly sensory food like pudding or jello. Expect things to get a bit messy, wear play clothes and consider putting down a plastic tablecloth for easy clean up.

Make an Indoor Race Track:

If you have tiny cars about, consider getting out some duct tape and a permanent marker to create a race track on the floor. You can also use painter’s tape to protect your floor and walls. Take turns racing each other, or allow your little one some independent time to explore their new track!

Kids in Costumes

Have a Dance Party:

You’re never too young or too old to enjoy a dance party. Put on some music and dance around your house with your little one — this is a great way to get your blood pumping and let out pent up energy. Whether you decide to blast your child’s favorite nursery rhymes, or opt for your own favorite jams, is up to you!

Splash Around in the Bath:

A mid-day bath is a great way to occupy your child and interrupt the boredom of a housebound day. Grab some bubbles and water-safe toys, and let your little one enjoy a nice warm bath on a cold day. You can even add some food coloring to change the water for some extra fun!

Accomplished Chores Together:

Most kids love to get involved in chores, so why not grab your little helper and tackle your to do list? If your baseboards need wiping, give your helper a wet rag and show them how (opt out of any chemicals or cleaners for the job). Older kids might have fun matching socks, emptying wastebaskets, or dusting off furniture. Remember, no job is a bad job, heap on the praise and make it fun. Consider an incentive like extra story time or a yummy treat.

Mom reading book with baby girl

Build a Fort and Read Books:

A cold day calls for warm and cozy activities. Grab your blankets and pillows and build a big comfy fort in your living room, then hunker down with some books and spend some time reading and cuddling together.

Now the next time you’re stuck at home all day you’ll have some fun activities to help make warm and comforting memories together!

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