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Keep Calm and Potty On

Wondering how to potty train your child? Read on for some amazing potty training tips & tricks to get you started on your journey to diaper-free days!

Triplets on the Contours Bravo Potty

If you’re approaching the toddler years, you may find yourself dreaming fondly of your little one’s last diaper change. The things you’ll do with the diaper money! The end of the awkwardness that is public bathrooms without changing stations! These are all great motivations but make no mistake about it: The road to a diaper-less existence can be a little rough—and really messy.

Sure, there are some totally deflating inspirational tales from parents with babies who came out of the womb ready to lose their diapers. Hopefully, your toddler is one of them. But if not—don’t fret! The old adage is true: your child is not going to head off to college in diapers. It’s okay if it takes longer than you thought it would. It’s okay to feel frustrated. Whatever happens that you weren’t expecting—it’s okay.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach that’s going to work for all toddlers (or parents), so we asked parents in our community for some of their favorite tips. Spoiler alert: by far the most common response was not to rush your child.

  • The best potty training tip I have gotten so far would probably have to be: Don’t rush your child into using the potty … When they are ready to use the potty they will let you know. So far it’s been a timely process but my daughter is finally starting to tell me or goes and uses her potty herself. – Megan R.
  • Check out more #potty training tips from @contoursbaby “Bribery … My personal favorite was jelly beans … my daughter still calls them ‘potty beans’.” – Bonnie C.
  • Cheerios in the toilet for boys to aim at. – Paula P.
  • My best potty training tip is not to force or push kids to be ready. It can be frustrating and over whelming but if they aren’t showing interest in the potty it usually won’t be very successful. If they do show interest, reward them with praise, a sticker or piece of candy, etc. to keep the motivation going. Make a big deal every time they —maybe even make up a pee-pee dance to celebrate. – Mindy G
  • Make it fun, read a short book. – Stacey B.
  • No pants on at home, keep the potty close by, and ask ‘do you need to go potty?’ every 10 minutes or when they look like they need to go. Praise and more praise! Don’t stress them or yourself. – Gloria R.Buy lots of underwear! – Andi R.
  • Stay positive! No matter how frustrating. – Lori H.
  • Start changing all diapers in the bathroom a few weeks before training. – Leah W.
  • Use gummies instead of M&Ms for rewards for staying dry in the summer. You’ll be glad you did on hot days! – Melissa W
  • Let him pick his own potty seat. – Jon S.
  • Don’t use diapers or Pull-ups. Go either bare-bum or training underwear! – Michelle L.
  • Wait until they’re ready … And marshmallows – Amy H.

And of course … don’t forget to get the perfect potty (wink) before you embark on your journey to ditch the diapers. In summary, our parents had a few common themes: have a little patience, try to make it fun, and no matter how frustrated you might feel, we promise you are not the first—and you won’t be the last—parent to be in your shoes. Best of luck and don’t forget to, keep calm and potty on!

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