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Movies for New Moms

It’s no secret that pregnancy brings out an abundance of emotions. That feeling never really goes away — even as your little ones grow up. Being a parent is an exciting, chaotic experience; and Hollywood has a way to help you know you aren’t alone! Whether it is morning sickness or planning a toddler’s birthday party, moms from our favorite movies have done it all. Looking to laugh out loud or just need a good cry? Find the perfect movie for any Momma Mood you’re feeling!

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DIY Pregnancy Guide:

What to Expect When You’re Expecting (2012): Woman experience pregnancy and expecting a child in many different ways and this movie is great at showing the reality behind all types of moms. This romantic comedy will have any expecting mom saying ‘same’ about the rollercoaster ride that is pregnancy!

Nine Months (1995): This hilarious movie shows the reality behind pregnancy and that although it isn’t always planned, once it happens there is no turning back! Hugh Grant and Julianne Moore portray a couple who has nine short months to grown up and prepare for their bundle of joy to arrive.

Baby Mama (2008): Tina Fey and Amy Poehler never disappoint on delivering endless laughs and this hilarious movie about a businesswoman and her surrogate is no different! All moms can relate to the fact that being a perfect mom is impossible no matter how much you prepare.

Looking for the perfect movie to snuggle up with during your third trimester?

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Knowledge is Power:

Babies (2010): This adorable documentary follows four babies from four different countries for a whole year providing a captivating look into how babies from different countries experience everything from bath time to potty time. You won’t be able to quit smiling for the entire film!

National Geographic’s In the Womb: Pregnancy is one of the most fascinating journeys and this documentary lets the viewer take a look at what it is like from the baby’s perspective. For any mother seeking to learn more about the fetus, this is a perfect eye-opening option.

Laughter is the Best Medicine:

I Don’t Know How She Does It (2011): This movie relates to moms who are struggling to balance work and kids. Or even moms just struggling to balance anything. Despite the challenges, it’s important to enjoy the little (yet chaotic) moments.

Life as We Know It (2010): This funny feel-good movie brings two incompatible people together after a car crash leaves their goddaughter under their care. The two stars fall in love with their food-stubborn goddaughter and from that, they learn to love each other. Now that is a good sappy movie to curl up with at night.

Bad Moms (2016): After three moms become sick and tired of being bullied by the seemingly perfect moms, they decide to rebel from all typical mom duties. Moms everywhere can relate to this hilarious comedy because everyone feels like taking a break every now and then!

Motherhood (2009): Being a mother is the most important job but is constantly overwhelming! In this movie we follow a stay-at-home mom as she tries to juggle the everyday chaos of being a mom, which every mom can relate to.

Parenthood (1989): Being the perfect parent is impossible but in this film Gil Buckman, played by Steve Martin, tries his hardest to be just that. Any parent can recount the everyday struggles of parenting and the stress that is caused by your wild kids!

Cry it Out:

Room (2015): This suspenseful drama shows the limitless love between a mother and her child. It’s quite the tearjerker, but it also shows how a mother and son can overcome even the toughest situations.

The Pursuit of Happyness (2006): The universal truth about being a parent is that you will do anything for your children. This movie takes you on a heavy journey with a homeless father and his young child. Filled to the brim with emotions, this movie is overall about overcoming hardships and finding the best in life.

Little Ones Will Love:

Dumbo (1941): This classic movie about a young circus elephant also includes a deep relationship with his mother. It shows how a mother always puts her child — first no matter what the consequences.

Brave: While ones child grows, a parent grows as well. This movie about a young girl shows how one decision can change everything. More importantly, it also focuses on the relationship between an overprotective mother and a rebellious daughter.

Now, whatever mood you are in, choose your movie, grab the popcorn and enjoy!

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