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Tips for Safe and Fun Halloween Activities at Home!

Halloween traditions may look a little different this year, but don’t let it stop you from donning your creative hat or planning family costumes. There are plenty of fun and creative ways families can celebrate at home. We’ve put together some ideas on how you can safely enjoy all the fun festivities that come with this day, all within the confines of your home.

  • Baby in Costume with ParentsCandy Hunt:  Just like an Easter Egg Hunt in the spring, hiding Halloween candy around the house gives the little one an activity to do. Or, plan out a scavenger hunt with clues to where you hid the candy. Parents with infants can babywear and enjoy the hands-free convenience as they join in on the adventure.
  • Cookie Decorating: Let your kids pick a few fun Halloween-themed cookie or treat recipes to make. Add some fun and let the littles one wear their costume while they bake!
  • Virtual Halloween Costume: Dress up or make costumes, and invite your child’s friends & family to a virtual costume party! Make it fun and incorporate a dance party, sing-along, or parade around the house.
  • Spooky Movie Night: Dress as your favorite characters or put on your Halloween pajamas and grab the popcorn and enjoy a movie night with the family. Check out Netflix for some child friendly Halloween movies.
  • Decorating Pumpkins : Decorating pumpkins is a tradition that’ll never get old. Get creative with markers and stickers, if you please.

Make it fun, make it memorable, and most-importantly make it safe!

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