How to Clean a Stroller

Strollers are modes of transportation and parents’ general lifelines to the outside world. Because babies and toddlers aren’t known for cleanliness, you might find that your stroller needs a little TLC after a while, and you’re probably wondering how to clean a stroller.

Not sure where to begin or what products to use for your stroller care? Check out these tips for care and maintenance for keeping your child’s chariot in prime working condition!

Baby with crumbs on face
Crumb Patrol

Crackers, and cereal, and puffs, oh my! Once your tot gets a little bit older, it can be a real time-saver to let her snack on-the-go. The downside is that not all of those little treats make their way into her mouth.

Turn your upside down on a non-abrasive surface and give it a gentle shake. Next, use a vacuum with nozzle attachment to suck up what’s left behind. If there are food remnants still hanging around, grab a lint roller or some packing tape to eliminate the most stubborn of bits.

We recommend using a hand vacuum to suck up all the miscellaneous crumbs. Amazon has plenty of hand vacuums that are great for all around cleaning! Some even come with different nozzle attachments and a brush, so you’ll get every last crumb!

*Pro Tip: Use a toothbrush to get into the creases and those hard to reach corners!

Back brake on stroller
Frame & Wheel Wipe-Downs

Noticing a little dried up mud on your frame and wheels? Clean any metal or plastic parts (under storage and child snack trays too!) with a damp cloth and some baby-friendly cleaner. Be sure to wipe dry with a soft cloth to prevent rusting!

We recommend using cleaning products by the Honest Company. They offer several plant-derived fragrance-free cleaners that will cut through grease and grime to leave everything from child trays to wheels and frame sparkling clean!

*Pro Tip: If you’ve come across squeaky wheels, lube them up with petroleum jelly-based lubricant!

Stroller footrest
Woven Fabric Care

For juice spills and diaper explosions, we recommend cleaning woven fabric or vinyl parts with a damp cloth along with a mild soap and water solution. Do not use any harsh chemicals. This can damage the fabric and leave behind harsh residues that you don’t want on your tot’s skin. Make sure the stroller is fully dry before storing it away to prevent mold.

Again, we recommend trying products by the Honest Company. They offer mild hypoallergenic detergents that are dermatologist tested and specifically designed for gentle skin. Fragrance-free and clear, they also lab-test on everyday stains from blueberry jam, baby formula, to mud and spaghetti sauce. Perfect for fighting those tough stains!

*Pro Tip for drying strollers: Allow enough time for your stroller to dry in a ventilated area. 


Be sure to store your stroller indoors in a cool, dry environment and away from garage floors to avoid rust. Whether putting your stroller away for a couple of months or a few years, never stack items on top of it. This can damage your stroller.


Even if your stroller appears to be in 100% working condition, periodically check for any worn parts, loose screws, torn materials, or stitching. Replace any damaged parts immediately to ensure optimal safety and function.

Check out our Stroller Replacement Parts page for any replacements you may need!

And, just like that, your ride will be looking spic and span for your next strolling adventure! Happy Strolling!

*All recommended products in this blog post are solely opinions of Contours Baby and not in collaboration with any paid sponsorship’s with other products or brands.

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