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Old School Music Playlist Activity for the Family

Baby dancing with dad at home

If your kids are already fans of sing-along time, you might have found yourself sinking “Into the Unknown” with Elsa and Ana and just hoping your kids will “Let it Go.” While it’s great to keep your kids entertained with fun family tunes, your little ones might request several repeats of songs that now make you “Frozen” in frustration.

During longer periods of indoor time together, you can take the chance to enlighten your kiddos with fun, enlightening, and kid-appropriate songs from your youth (or even the grandparents’ youth!).

Here’s our quick guide on how to pump up the jams with your kids to stay sane and still have epic dance parties.



Step 1: Collect songs from your youth.

Think back to what you liked to sing and dance to when you were a kid. Perhaps there were some classic Disney tunes you were obsessed with? Or anything you couldn’t help but bust out a move for? Write down anything and everything, double-checking that these songs are kid-appropriate and still fun for them to sing/dance to.

Step 2: Ask your friends, grandma/pa, neighbors, or anyone else for suggestions.

Even when you’re stuck inside, there are plenty of communication methods to stay in touch with those you love. On your next phone chat or video call with grandma or grandpa, ask them what songs they remember from their youth. Talking about music can spur some great memories and form new bonds, even if you’re all not in the same room.

Step 3: Create a playlist.

There are several playlist websites and apps that you can use to curate your new “oldies” playlist for the kiddos. If you have the opportunity, you can even go to your local library and rent CD’s to show your kids some real “old school” music.

Step 4: Get up and jam!

Your new playlist can be used as background music for chores or other daily activities. It can also be used for sing-along or dance-along time. If you are in the house with your kids all day, you might need help thinking of extra activities to keep them occupied – dancing and singing will not only serve as a fun activity, but it will also bond you more closely to one another. And, hopefully, it will burn some energy to keep everyone active and possibly ready for a good nap afterward!


Here are a few song suggestions to get your new playlist started:

Here Comes the Sun by the Beatles: Play during your morning routine to cheer everyone up and get the day moving.
Lollipop by The Chordettes: When it’s time for a sweet snack break.
Da Do Ron Ron by The Crystals: An easy song for the kids to learn and run around to.
You’ll Be in My Heart by Phil Collins: A soft and sweet lullaby.
Mama Said by The Shirelles: For when your children are coming down from a tantrum.
Up! by Shania Twain: For when everyone needs some inspiration.
Yellow Submarine by The Beatles: For bath time.
Dancing Queen by ABBA: For all the time.


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