5 DIY Puzzles That Kids Will Love

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With Shelter in Place now implemented in many cities and states across the US, we know those store-bought puzzles and games get old, fast! Luckily, there is a wealth of homemade options out there that don’t require creative genius or expensive materials to make them.

Craft Stick Puzzle

A favorite of ours is the tried-and-true Craft Stick Puzzle. It uses some of the popsicle sticks you likely already have in the house. Markers can be used to create something as simple as a rainbow or something a little more complex. If your toddler has enough hand control, you can tape the sticks together so they can draw their picture before separating them for the puzzle. If your kids are a little older, make them 2-sided for an extra challenge. RaisingWorldChildren.com offers simple instructions and video for you to follow along.

DIY Baby Activity Box

We LOVE any craft that upcycles items that would have otherwise gone to the landfill. This DIY Baby Activity Box is brilliant! Taking materials from around your house such as old cardboard boxes and ribbons, you can create a toy/puzzle that your child will love. Thanks to Dana Banya for this fabulous Activity Box!

Matching Shape Puzzle Game

From a simplicity perspective, the Matching Shape Puzzle Game earns a big 10+! This is suitable for little kids all the way through toddlers. Really basic shapes allow little hands to find the spot on a drawn floor mat – no special equipment needed! LaughingKidsLearn.com provides quick and easy directions to get you started!

Homemade Textured Name Puzzle

Teach your child to spell their name with a homemade name puzzle. Jackie Currie has run a home preschool for over 20 years and knows a thing or two about helping kids have fun while they learn. Her blog—Happy Hooligans— offers a wealth of creative ideas sure to spark the love of learning in your little one!

Artwork Construction Paper Puzzle

Is your fridge overflowing with art? A great way to give it a second life is to glue the smaller artwork (assuming little Annie or Johnny will let you) to construction paper. Then draw some random shapes appropriate for little hands and let kids piece them together as a puzzle.

A few simple ideas to keep your little ones occupied and having fun. Remember, making the puzzle is almost as much fun as doing it!


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