Do’s and Don’ts for Stroller Safety

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Baby strollers are designed to make life with little ones easier! Whether it is running errands, getting your daily steps in or simply enjoying a walk with your little ones, strollers provide tremendous service to parents and caregivers on a daily basis.

Whatever stroller you may choose for your family – single stroller or a double stroller, keeping your baby safe is our No. 1 priority. Here are some safety tips to consider when using your baby stroller:


  • Do routinely perform maintenance on your stroller to make your daily strolls a breeze!
  • Do remain close to your children at all times.
  • Do avoid carrying hot liquids in your stroller cup holder.
  • Do ensure your child has full and head neck control on their own, generally around 6 months, before using a standard stroller seat, but be sure to follow the guidelines of your particular stroller.
  • Do ensure your child’s safety harness is always buckled and tightened when strolling.
  • Do store your stroller indoors in a cool, dry environment and away from wet floors to avoid rust.


  • Don’t hang any bags or purses on the stroller to avoid improper balancing or tipping.
  • Don’t forget to use your stroller brakes when stopping or standing to avoid the stroller from rolling away.
  • Don’t carry more than one child per stroller seat.
  • Don’t jog with a stroller that isn’t approved for jogging.
  • Don’t use your stroller on escalators.
  • Don’t use an infant car seat without its compatible car seat adapter (if applicable) for your stroller. Check the stroller brand website for a list of compatible car seats and adapters.

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